Friday, July 23, 2010

Right Brain VS Left Brain: My Brain?

Wow, this is SOOOOO GREATTTTT! This is my 1st test on Right Brain VS Left Brain since i have Qarissa. Dulu rasanya ada buat quiz like this when i attended training, my company sent me for a motivation training kot ..but its more on personality test, not specifically right @ left brain.

I can see a tremendous way of looking & solve things since i have my Q's. The way i think & react changed 360*. Its hard at first ..but i tried hard .. and i tried smart ..both ways as I'm aware of the importance of right brain method .. and how it can effect me as a person & a mother. I'm also aware of how importance to balance the usage of both brain for mankind, but I'm not expected to get this result! Nampaknya apa yang aku amalkan for this 2 years telah berhasil dan menampakkan positive result. Alhamdulillah ..

Hopefully, keadaan ini akan kekal sampai bila-bila ..:) My blog readers a.k.a my my lovely friends also can do the same test to check whether u are right brain dominan or left brain dominan or you use both brain equally! Pastikan jawab soalan yang diberi dengan penuh keihlasan, and apa yg terlintas di fikiran uols dulu tau .. or else u're cheating urself! :P Dont worry ..there is no right @ wrong answers. It is just for us to know where we stand and after that we can act accordingly to balance the usage of our brain.

Have fun yeahh...! Click kat link yang ada kat bawah nih ha ..if u want to do the quiz ..:)


Mommy Of Q's ..:)

Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz
The higher of these two numbers below indicates which side of your brain has dominance in your life. Realising your right brain/left brain tendancy will help you interact with and to understand others.
Left Brain Dominance: 16(16)
Right Brain Dominance: 16(16)
Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz


Mommy Lyna said...

Aku pun equal 16 16


Watie Aziz said...


congrats dear ...! now our aim adalah utk mengekalkan keseimbangan tuh ...mak aiii... tuh yg susah tuh ...cuba kalau wat exam tgh marah atau sedih .. habislah tak jadi dah .w.akkakaka...

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